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Hello guys I've been thinking and I've discided to go back to basics and if this doesn't work then thats fine all I want to do is please but I can do that with friends and family so here are commission information Trade information and request information 

All Information needs to be sent by a note or PM what ever you want to call it with the subject contain what you would like e.g Drawing Commission, Pokemon Commission, Requests and the details can be in the main bulk the more information the less I have to ask you question the quicker the item can be done. 


If you would like me to do a Design Commission it will be 

• 20 points for Paper/sketch version this will be like a page of ideas for a character and if you want it coloured in pencils it will be an extra 5 points
• 35 points for a digital copy this will need a base of your choosing and colours pallet It will be coloured but not shaded. if you don't want to give me any of though information it will be 40 points.
• for multiple characters each character will cost 10 points extra but will still be on the same page on paper and you will need to find bigger bases with little to no franky dolling (I don't want to be changing Humans into sonic style) if you can't find a base or colours for multiple characters for each character it will be 15 points

If you would like me to Draw a character Commission it will be 

• For all commission types in this category you will have to give me a character sheet to base my work on.

• 15 for a paper version this will non black outline kinda sketchy and mostly standing poses 5 points extra for colours.

• 30 points for drawing over a base or screenshot this will be coloured and shaded, Adding more characters will be 10 points each and if a base or screenshot is not given 15 points per character.

• I might in the future add in another type depending on style or something later on but thats after I get use to drawing free hand again on the computer without the aid of a base 


• If you would like a Mew for points it will be 25 points per Mew Poke'rus cost 5 points more

Otherwise I will trade them for shiny Pokemon and Event legendaries 

also with every Mew for the moment you can get a free lvl 1 Tepig 

All Mews are Legit and at level 50 Nature varies if you want a particual nature you will have to wait it takes me a hour roughly to get a mew and they are random in nature.


A couple of Rules
1. Only one request per character if you send me the same request a couple of times I will delete every copy it's not fair.
2. No nagging it's my choosing to do requests and I will do them at my pace this is suppose to be a fun little thing not a stressful thing.
3. I will be using a random number generator for this.
4. I'm not drawing multiple characters as requests because it will be just hassle 
5. oh yeah all spam will be deleted to 

I do Collabs I do Artrades as long as I thinks it's fair

I think thats everything 

So yeah Happy Easter or Holidays and I'll see you next time



T Hill
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
i am a person that dosen't get this website but it dosen't stop me from trying

Favourite genre of music: rock or anything else usually
Favourite photographer: my best friend LOL
Favourite style of art: sonic, manga or FUZZY
Favourite cartoon character: Snow and saturn LOL
Personal Quote: I'm so funny my friends call me muppet


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hiya! I just wanted to check on you. are you ok?
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Meh. Still auguring with someone 
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cat-bot Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hey ik your thing says you do comsions on your niffykid22 account but since its deactivated do you do em on here? :3 cause im quite interested in one :3
niffykid Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
you can ask for a commission though i haven't thought about them yet I don't know when I will be able to start on them you might as well just send me a note with what you want 
cat-bot Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
:3 oki
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Awesome work.
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Why thanks. 
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:D Your welcome :D
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